Appointment Times: to maximize your experience, I ask that you arrive at least 5 mins before your appointment time. This time will be used for your personal consultation and for you to relax.

Cancellations: Clients who wish to change or cancel an appointment are kindly requested to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Terms of payment: Cash, Revolut

Your opinion: Please let me know what your specific expectations are, both before and during the treatment. My aim is to make your visit as enjoyable as possible If there are any treatments that you’d like to have but aren’t currently on offer, please let me know.

Covid 19 guidelines 

For the salon:

-all areas from the entrance hall to the salon itself will be disinfected on a regular basis

-air will be purified with essential oils

-bin will be changed and disinfected after every client

-treatment bed will be covered in its entirety in couch roll, including the pillow

-clients don’t need to touch any door knobs as I will open and close the doors

-wax station will be cleaned and disinfected after every client

-all utensils, from tweezers, scissors, brow brush will be put under ultraviolet light for total germ and viruses kill

-no double dipping for wax spatulas

-a paper sheet will be provided instead of a towel for the specialized waxing portion

-tea tree based after wax lotion or oil will be used for extra protection

-all towels used for massage time will be thrown in the wash immediately after and cleaned at high temperature

-I will wear gloves for the waxing treatments as usual but hands will be bare for the massage section

-no handshake or hugs upon greeting 

-I will wear a face covering at all times you are present inside

-cash will be received but there is the option of paying through Revolut, Paypal or Sum Up also

For clients:

-wear a face covering or surgical mask upon entering the salon and throughout your time in. 

-use disinfectant gel upon entering and exiting and wipe with paper sheet provided

-remove shoes and leave at the entrance hall

-arrive alone and on time for the appointment

-you will not be able to enter if there is another client inside and will have to wait at the door or in your car if you use one

-if you have travelled abroad in the last 14 days please refrain from making an appointment right after entering the country

-if you have  symptoms of a cold, fever , coughing you will be asked to reschedule and may not be received for the appointment