Holistic Massage

This is where the healing happens...
Touch is always about a sensual experience of being in the world and allowing another's hands to provide it for you requires a trusting process. This takes time and patience as I've discovered from all these years providing massage to bodies in overwhelm. Because this is when most people feel this need ...I'm the last resort kind of moment in their lives...a reminder to breathe, everything is transient, remember?!
And so ,I've gathered momentum from various disciplines and my own personal interpretation of them on an instinctual level which created a unique massage style that changes continuously.
Started with swedish, the most common used style of massage out there, followed by deep tissue, tai, lava shells, osteopathic, craniosacral , energy healing, reflexology, meridian, polarity and bowen approaches, somatic and cellular consciousness which are new additions to my  touch vocabulary.
You will be asked what is it that you think you need from the massage and.... here I'm inserting giggles....cause many times the body will say something different and it's usually a lot less than a lot more....nuances of life.
Practically you just need skilled touch and less poetry from me....but i provide both apparently and in various modalities.
You are welcomed either way and encouraged to allow the experience to just be...a massage in the making:)