About me

About Me

cathy affordablebeauty4u1 About MeMy name is Cathy and I’m a Cidesco qualified beauty and massage therapist, with 9 years experience in the field of beauty, working in different parts of the
world from Italy to the Caribbean (cruise ships)and Ireland. After working in so many Spas around the world and seeing how beyond that nice painted
window clients are just seen and treated as merchandise I’ve decided to start a small home based business to be able to treat every client as I would
wish to be treated in a salon.

My passion has always been beauty therapy and I have chosen to provide the services I like the most and that I’m very good at. I think everyone has a talent and I believe this is mine: waxing, eyelash extensions and massage. Or so my clients say.

I have been trained in Novalash Extensions by Liz O Connell, the only advanced trainer in Ireland and the UK and I also participate at trade shows in Ireland and the UK as a trainer in eyelash extensions. I have lots of experience in doing lash extensions thus being able to be very quick at applying them (this is extremely beneficial for a very active client who cannot relax and lay on her back for a long time or for a pregnant woman).

In waxing I have been trained in advanced (intimate) waxing by Brazilia and my most requested service is brazilian. I only use Lycon hot wax for face, underarms and bikini lines as this is undoubtedly less painful for my client. I believe no strip waxing should be used near those sensitive areas, especially bikini lines.

The I.T.E.C. qualification in holistic masage has been obtained from the prestigious Irish Academy of Massage but I believe that no matter where one obtains a certification a massage therapist needs to have the talent of healing hands and to transmit to the client a positive energy throughout the treatment.

I always wanted to work for myself as I believe this is the only way I can provide services that my client can benefit the most. Nowadays, you rarely find a salon that you are welcomed, treated friendly and with rofessionalism, taken seriously, listened to and hygienic. Always in a hurry to get rid of you and take your money as soon as possible and it’s not even sure you’re going to get the same therapist (that is if you want to).
This way you can have your personal beautician and know you’re going to receive the same professional treatment all the time.