This is a home based boutique style specialized waxing salon where the best wax on the market is used ( Lycon Intimate Waxing)for as much pain free experience as possible in this wicked game of hair removal.

The concept here is creating and delivering value at an affordable price that respects the individual offering and receiving such an intimate service.Upon entering this little gem of my creation you will be welcomed by a friendly face, always positive, surrounded by a peaceful and calm atmosphere, with inviting surroundings and candlelight because feeling safe is very important in this line of work. I will be you own personal therapist hopefully for years to come where we will share the highs and lows this life has to offer while simply removing bodily hair. I would describe myself as having skilled hands and listening patience and I will always take your lead in the verbal engagement.Thank you for visiting my site! I hope it’s informative enough and if you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact me.