Welcome! My name is Cathy and you have arrived at the right place if in need for an affordable waxing service! and/or holistic massage! This is what I specialize in and enjoy the most doing!

I have been actively working in this business for the past 17 years as self employed and I have chosen to specialize in hair removal simply because its very satisfying to see immediate results and I find it quite therapeutic in many regards , trying to extend some of that calm and ease to those that may not be in the same frame of mind while having a painful procedure done. Because yes , as much as the wax evolves in being more elastic, smooth and melting at lower temperatures it still removes hair from the body! So this is where experience matters as it definitely becomes  more tolerable to wax when hands know what to do and move swiftly and easily. It's a craft that takes time and makes all the difference in giving you trust to continue with waxing and avoid shaving for dear life. The wax brand LYCON Australia https://lycon.com.au/  that I have worked with for years has gained quite a reputation across the globe because of its QUALITY obtained from the finest resins, sensous aromatherapy and natural plant oils, a leader in the field of professional waxing. It really delivers!

In regards to holistic massage I specialize in many types as over the years I have gone to various trainings and developed a personal style that is a combination of swedish , aromatherapy, deep tissue, craniosacral, reflexology and thai techniques incorporating music at healing frequencies, breath and a touch that "reads "what the body needs at that moment in time. Hence the session in very much unique to the individual requesting the service and their state of mind, body and emotions at present . Massage is a gift towards the self and it changes how your body functions, your mental and emotional states and how you operate in the world. So I am here to open something in you that it's simply misaligned, the rest is done by the wisdom of your body which in realness prompted you to remember it and thus care for its singularity and preciousness.

I invite you to enter this little sanctuary with confidence , knowing you will receive a high quality service that will begin and continue your journey of self care because as much as this may sound trivial and not such a big thing it's still a small add on that teaches us how to take care of ourselves and accept that in life pain and pleasure go hand in hand.

Mantra here is Caring for oneself is an act of devotion:)